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Our Farm

Our Farm

We are located near Lacey, Washington approximately an hour south of Seattle in Olympia, Washington. Our family farm provides an environment that is nestled in between pasture lands and wooded forests with plenty of room for our pets to thrive. We believe our environment is the perfect setting for happy, healthy farm raised dogs. Our family has lived on this farm for over 50 years and have experience raising dogs and other farm animals.  


Raising and caring for these amazing canine creatures is a joy to us. And it is a fun venture to be in every day of the year. When you want a loyal pet, don’t hesitate to choose a Labradoodle, Sheepadoodle or a Goldendoodle in your preferred gender and color and you will have a friend and family member for many years to come. We have made many friends thru this business and enjoy visiting with people all over the country thru emails, phone calls and personal visits.

Our Momma Dogs

Our momma dogs are fed high protein dog food and are well nourished. Our puppies are weened by 8 weeks and are vaccinated, wormed and have had a veterinarian checkup before they head to their new loving homes.

Our puppies? 

Our dogs are raised to be members of our family. They are loved and they love in return. They are happy healthy farm raised. They have children to love and play with, thoroughly just love to be with people

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